Wrongful Death


Oakland, Hayward, and Antioch Wrongful Death Attorney

When someone you care about has died because of someone else’s negligence it is important to find answers and some kind of justice. But too often Hispanics and Latinos give up on a wrongful death case because of the frustration they have always having to find a Spanish-speaker or Spanish-speaking translator in order to get through a simple meeting with .their California Wrongful Death Lawyer. But when you hire Attorney Manuel A. Juarez this is one less thing to worry about.

Attorney Manuel A Juarez was born in Peru and attended several educational institutions in the United States and has built a career rich in serving others. Before becoming an attorney in 1994, Juarez spent many years in business management and teaching in higher education. Much of that work centered around the Hispanic community and focused on promoting fairness and understanding. As an attorney, he carries on that mission. The vast majority of his clients are Hispanic, and he communicates with them in Spanish to help them be as comfortable as they can be with the process without having the added pressure of a language barrier.

There are many situations where a wrongful death can occur. The person may have been in a car accident, suffered a fatal injury on the job, used a faulty product, or they may have been victim of poor communication or choices while they were receiving medical care. Sometimes, insurance companies will quickly offer a financial settlement, but it is important to talk to a Spanish-speaking California Wrongful Death Lawyer in order to make sure all your rights are being considered the way they should, and that no shortcuts are being taken that could compromise the settlement.

Attorney Manuel A. Juarez is a California wrongful death attorney that practices primarily in the San Francisco Bay area, however his clients and cases come from all over the state. In addition to wrongful death cases, Juarez also assists clients with personal injury cases, automobile accidents, bankruptcy, and divorce.

Although you should avoid settling for less money that you need in a wrongful death case, it’s equally important not to make the case more complicated than it has to be, Attorney Manuel A. Juarez carries the tagline, “Negotiation before litigation.” Courtrooms can be intimidating to some clients, and often, they just aren’t necessary. A good negotiation session will go much faster and still get you what you need to put your loved one at peace and move forward with your life.
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