Oakland, Hayward, and Antioch Bankruptcy Attorney

Spanish-Speaking California Bankruptcy Lawyer

Attorney Manuel A. Juarez has spent years helping fellow Californians, Spanish-speaking and Englishspeaking alike, determine the best way to get out of debt. Bankruptcy is supposed to provide a way out for individuals that have nowhere else to turn, regardless of the language they speak. As a California Bankruptcy Lawyer with years of experience, Attorney Manuel A. Juarez has helped numerous people in situations just like yours to get their financial situations back on track.

Stop The Harassment

One of the most immediate benefits bankruptcy clients notice after filing is the end of creditor harassment. Bill collectors no longer call, and when they do, you simple direct them to your attorney. You finally have room to breath after perhaps years of ongoing frustration. The burden of your debt is lifted.
Whether you choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe it all away, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to make your overall payments manageable and to end creditor harassment, our firm is here to guide you through the process.
The Benefits of an Attorney

Some people make the mistake of filing for themselves – a choice that any good bankruptcy attorney will tell you is a recipe for disaster. An experienced attorney will make certain that all laws are observed, and that nothing will come back later to give you a nasty surprise. Bankruptcy laws are complicated and change on occasion. By hiring a skilled attorney, you make sure that your bankruptcy will go through without a hitch.

If you need relief from an impossible financial situation, please contact our firm today. We can begin your filing immediately, and get you the much-needed relief you deserve.
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